polyester strand rope

Strand rope

Rope sales in Salerno with 3 and 4 strands, in polyester but also nylon and polysteel in various colours and lengths.

braided mooring rope

Mooring ropes

A wide range of boat mooring ropes in Salerno for any type of boat are available at our store.


Agricultural ropes

The ropes for agricultural use are available in our store or by ordering from our catalogues.

prolipropilene synthetic raffia

Synthetic raffia

Ropes in synthetic raffia for agriculture or foods, in various colours and lengths according to needs.


Baler mesh

Mesh for round balers that maintain technical characteristics even after substantial duration in fields.


Agricultural twine

Sale of every kind of twine including sisal, polypropylene, knotless or oiled, from Perla Azzurra or S. Agostino.


Stretch film

Transparent film for forage that maintain palatability for livestock thanks to long-lasting wrapping.



Braids in polyester with smooth or granite processing and marker, high tenacity and with or without coloured light.

tow hemp braids


Agricultural tubes, monofilament polyethylene cords, jute, flax and hemp ropes for hydraulic use.

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