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eurofilati company

Eurofilati S.r.l. was founded in 1992, when its owner and founder Giuseppe Sorrentino, with notable experience considering six generations of rope-makers in his family, established his own business for the processing of synthetic yarns..

With some winders and a few twisting machines, he began production, and over the years the company specialised, managing to offer a quality product and becoming a leader in the field of yarn processing.

Today the polyester, nylon and polypropylene used are purchased mainly from foreign markets to be combined and twisted in his two workshops, creating especially semi-finished products for braiding companies and cable companies, aimed at satisfying a large number of increasingly demanding customers.

In ancient times the family worked with natural ropes by hand and the only machine available was the "the string wheel" (shown in the "Arts, crafts and rural life museum" in Saint Lucia di Cava, the city where Eurofilati's headquarters are located). However today, thanks to advanced technology, the company now has advanced machinery that allows it to create, also thanks to highly qualified personnel, a product intended precisely for industries that produce braids and ropes for agriculture, boating and fishing.

Since 1992 there has been a continuous succession of technological innovations within the company, growth that continues today with the opening of a new facility that will hold all the previously existing productions in larger spaces. In addition to the departments for combining and twisting yarns, departments have been added for the production of braids and ropes destined mostly to foreign agriculture and fishery markets.

In recent years, then, we have added the production of polypropylene twine, a new item used mostly in agriculture that has once again added to our company's daily commitment to improvement. This new "experience" brought Eurofilati to assert itself more and more on the market, while offering a quality product, and whose success is amply demonstrated by the trust and loyalty its customers continue to hold.


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