Twine for agricultural use

Cables for industrial use

Eurofilati produces Strand rope, anchor ropes, agricultural ropes, natural ropes, jute and hemp ropes, synthetic raffia, round baler mesh, agricultural twine, stretch film, film for silage and braids.

At our offices you can request, among many products, twine for agricultural use or cables for industrial use such as 3 strand or 4 strand hawser polyester tops , smooth 4 strand polyester tops, polysteel tops with 8 strands, natural fibre ropes, polypropylene ropes, 3 strand polysteel ropes; sisal ropes, double polyester braids, parallel nylon yarns, parallel polyester yarns, twisted polyester yarns, film for silage, polypropylene raffia; mesh for baling; hemp twine, polypropylene twines for agriculture, polypropylene twine for industrial use, sisal twine and polyester yarn braids.

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